Your image is your brand


Your image is your brand

An acting agency specialized in comprehensive representation in both the Polish and international markets for public figures engaged in artistic activities in the fields of film, theater, television, and events.

Comfort of being an artist

The essence of our existence is to provide comfort in pursuing artistic activities by liberating creators from the need to engage in any additional actions unrelated to the art they pursue professionally.

Building market value

We undertake the challenge of continuous and comprehensive care for the development of public figures in the market. This involves building a desired positioning in the public awareness, as well as commercializing one's image, talent, and artistic endeavors.

Individual strategies for personal brands

We operate based on holistic, long-term strategies developed in collaboration with our clients. These strategies encompass a full spectrum of areas that determine their position in the market, including improving professional competencies, public profile, pricing policies, and tactics for commercializing creative activities.

Professional work culture

We operate in accordance with the philosophy adopted in the market, assuming the use of the same brand management methodology for actors as is typical for marketing practices of leading brands of selective luxury goods

Boutique-style collaboration.

In our pursuit of high efficiency in our actions and the best quality of mutual relationships, we provide care to only a limited number of artists. These individuals are selected from those who are focused on close and collaborative cooperation in the development of their own careers.